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Since 1954, Elektromarla has been the first “minibar factory” and the first company that imported and exported minibars in Turkey. Elektromarla has been a pioneer in the industry since its foundation and specialized in the field of absorption system in more than 60 years which is the solution partner for hotels, hospitals, yachts, and caravans.

Elektromarla, which has been carved in memory with its product variety and quality in the hotel equipments sector, always works with customer satisfaction oriented focus during its production. Elektromarla, which is preferred by the hotels and hospitals of the highest quality in the sector, develops itself on an international vision by minibar design and production.
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Elektromarla; ıt brings luxury to the hotel room with its low noise level, low energy consumption and cooling technology.
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Turkey's MiniBar Brand: Elektromarla

Elektromarla, which undertakes the production and export of minibars for the first time in Turkey; Since its establishment in 1954, it has been providing quality and reliable solutions to the equipment needs of many different areas, especially businesses such as hotels, hospitals and restaurants. In addition to specializing in minibar production, the brand also addresses specific storage needs with its hotel safe and wine cooler models in its product range, and combines functional use with original and useful designs. The brand, which follows current technologies within the framework of its innovative production policy and designs without deviating from its modern line, also demonstrates its sensitivity to the environment by using an absorption cooling system in its products. 

Elektromarla Exclusive Product Catalog

The cooling solutions offered by Elektromarla with special designs tailored to the needs of its target audience consist of mini bar and wine cooler equipment. Elektromarla, Turkey's first brand to use the absorption system cooling system in its products, ensures that its minibar and wine cooler models operate completely silently and without vibration. The absorption system, which provides cooling in a refresh cycle as a result of the pressurization of the elements that absorb each other with the help of an inert gas, makes minibars and wine coolers environmentally friendly products as it does not produce waste material. Mini bar and wine coolers are offered with different capacity options, different sizes and design alternatives such as glass and block lids; It allows businesses to make choices that suit their needs.

In addition to cooling systems, Elektromarla also designs hotel safe models that will provide a safe storage area where customers can store their valuables, and offers its products produced according to their intended use to businesses. Laptop cases, electronic safes and drawer safes in mini and standard sizes designed according to screen size; These are the models that make up Elektromarla's hotel safe range.

You can easily discover products that suit your needs by examining Elektromarla's online catalog, where you can find detailed product information, user manuals and furniture layout guides.

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