Our Elektromarla absorption system minibars will always be indispensable for your hotel rooms, cooling with ammonia gas, operating with a silent vibration-free working principle and 0 dB sound level, and providing comfort.

Our minibars, which are produced silently and without vibration, continue to perform in patient rooms with zero discomfort.

Our absorption system ammonia minibars offer the chance to meet all your different demands thanks to 3 different liter options and 2 different door designs.

Our absorption system minibar products are among the first choices in hotel rooms and hospitals because they work with zero sound.

While the advantages of our solid door absorption system products allow more product placement by using the shelf sections on the cover, our absorption system minibars with glass doors will draw attention in the section where they are placed with the comfort of seeing all the products inside from the outside and with their stylish design.

Absorption minibars are a type of compact refrigerator commonly found in hotel rooms, offices, and small living spaces where silent operation is a priority. Unlike more common compressor-driven refrigerators, absorption minibars operate without moving parts, resulting in virtually noiseless operation. Here's a detailed look at how they work and their characteristics:

Key Features:

  • Silent Operation: Absorption minibars are silent because they lack compressors or fans, making them ideal for environments where noise is a concern, such as hotel rooms and bedrooms.
  • Energy Use: They are often less energy-efficient than their compressor counterparts and may use more power to maintain equivalent cooling levels.
  • Vibration-Free: The absence of moving parts means these units don't vibrate, reducing wear and tear and potential disturbances.
  • Durability: With fewer mechanical parts, absorption refrigerators typically have lower maintenance needs and longer life spans.


  • Quiet Operation: Ideal for sleeping areas or quiet rooms.
  • Stability: No vibrations mean they are safe for sensitive items or environments where stability is crucial.
  • Simplicity: Fewer moving parts reduce maintenance needs and potential mechanical failures.

Common Uses:

  • Hotels: Provides guests a quiet way to keep items cold without disturbing sleep.
  • Hospitals: Used in patient rooms to store medications or nourishments quietly.
  • Offices: Suitable for keeping refreshments available in a quiet and discreet manner.

Absorption minibars are a specialized solution best suited for situations where noise reduction is more critical than energy efficiency. They provide a unique set of benefits that can be very appealing in the right contexts.

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