In order for wines to reach traditional quality standards, it is not enough that they are produced using the appropriate materials and correct production methods. The fact that they are stored in an ideal environment, in the right temperature range and in a location suitable for their structure. Wine coolers, designed with special technologies for this purpose, offer a perfect storage area for wines that are especially desired to be aged, as well as those produced for daily consumption.

Elektromarla wine cooler models can be preferred for individual use in home environments or in businesses where wine is sold such as hotels, restaurants, wine cellars



Elektromarla wine cooler models, which will create a stylish and minimal appearance in the areas where they are positioned with their black color that can keep up with many environments, also offer solutions to different needs with their varying sizes. Offering a very large storage space with their 18-bottle capacity, wine cabinet types provide convenience to users thanks to their powerful lighting, and stand out as environmentally friendly products with their low energy consumption. Wine cooler models, in which the absorption system operating principle which there is no sound and vibration. Elektromarla wine cooler models, which maintain the humidity balance by keeping the temperature at which the wines should be stored at appropriate levels, also create a perfect storage space with their interior designs that allow horizontal placement.

You can easily access the wine cabinet types that you can choose for a safe, healthy and enjoyable use in your home or business via Elektromarla's online catalog and discover the model that will meet your needs.

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