Elektromarla Retro Minibar with Inverter Compressor, thanks to its more powerful compressor engine, can cool down to lower temperatures than absorption minibars and cool more consistently, regardless of the outdoor temperature. Thanks to their A+++ energy efficiency, they provide very high energy savings compared to absorption system minibars.

Although the inverter compressor is extremely quiet, the compressor still produces some very low, audible noise (during start-stop).

Retro minibars with inverter compressors are a type of refrigerator that stores food or drinks that guests may need during their stay at the hotel.

Thanks to the inverter compressor, it reduces your business's minibar electricity expenses by 90%. Minibars with inverter compressors, operating at a sound level of 26/29 dB, provide much better cooling in hot outdoor environments compared to absorption system minibars.

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