Standard Features
  • Model
    Procart Jet 735S
  • Product Body Thickness
    6 mm
  • Dimensions
    58 x 73 x 92 cm
  • Weight
    10 Kg
  • Product Body Structure
    PP Body
  • Pres Bucket
    2 x 25 Liter
  • Pres
    1 x Vertical Pres
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It is preferred for its practicality in cleaning services of businesses such as shopping malls, hospitals, schools, dormitories, factories, restaurants, hotels, residences. It is resistant to collisions thanks to its quiet, buffered wheels that can move easily. With its flexible features, it allows you to do your cleaning work quickly and practically. It makes your work easier with its production in international standards, modular and ergonomic structure. The plastic body structure allows indoor and outdoor use, it is not affected by cleaning with water and does not rust. Poly Propylene material, which is resistant to chemical substances and heat, is used in the raw material of the product. The module includes double-sided 25 lt cleaning trolley buckets, vertical press, mop hanger and accessory carrying hanger. In addition, the product offers the opportunity to be used as an optional 70 lt garbage bag with a locking waste collection compartment.


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