Standard Features
  • Dimensions [WxDxH]
    405 x 500 x 610 mm
  • Weight
    18 Kg
  • Capacity
    45 Lt
  • Voltage
    220 - 240 Volt
  • Power
    65 Watt
  • Energy
    0.13 kWh / 24 h (A+++)
  • Refrigerant
  • Noise Level
    26-29 dB
  • Type of Cooling
    Inverter Compressor
INV- MED-45 minibar with inverter compressor provides very low energy consumption (A+++). On the other hand, it provides huge savings in terms of energy consumption for businesses such as hotels and hospitals. Saving energy with low consumption makes INV-MED-45 minibar ecofriendly and sensitive to the nature in terms of process and sustainability.

Thanks to the opportunity to add features such as LED interior lighting, adjustable shelf, furniture door slider and color, the INV-MED-45 liter inverter minibar model is a practical and stylish product that can easily store medicines inside. This minibar, which stands out with its large interior volume and 45-liter design can be easily positioned at any desired point



It ensures longer preservation for the freshness of food. When there is a thermal load, the minibar provides oscillation in the cabinet since it can provide rapid cooling by high circuit output. 


Minibar reduces the noise level up to 6dBA and with its sleep mode, it provides low- speed and low - noise operation at night since the need of cooling is less at night time. 


  • Electronic card
  • Controlled smart algorithm start - stops 
  • Variable speed (1300 - 4500 rpm)
  • Energy efficient working system
Led Interior Lightening
Furniture Door Slider
Colour Options

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Where do you produce the products?

All our production is based in Istanbul, Turkey.

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